curriculum vitae

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Rainer Ullreich studied the viola in Vienna with

H. Beyerle, then in Salzburg with Th. Riebl; also some musicology and anthropology. He also received lessons on the baroque violin with M. Utiger and R. Goebel. This was when he turned towards Early Music: As a player of medieval bowed instruments he worked with Sequentia, later on he concentrated on music from the 16th to the 19th centuries on historic violins.

Among others he played with The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, Concerto Köln and Concilium Musicum Wien. Founding the ensembles Die Eipeldauer and Mvsica Riservata he followed his own inner voice in music.

From 2007 on Rainer Ullreich was affiliated with the Archiv der Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien: He presented many of the treasures of the collection in concerts: the walking-cane-violin, two pochettes and different historic violins from the 18th and 19th centuries.

As an instrument maker he started in 1980 to build his own reconstructions of medieval strings. Shortly after that he started out on early models of bows. Today Rainer Ullreich is internationally renowned as a player and maker of historical instruments and bows. He sponsors the Republic of Austria as a musician, instrument builder and violin teacher.



AUDIO: J. Lanner, Dornbacher Ländler, 1827, Rainer Ullreich and Die Eipeldauer.


AUDIO: F. Rognoni, Io son ferito..., 1620, Rainer Ullreich, Hubert Hoffman, Johannes M. Bogner.